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Black night unfolds,
all the evil spawns.
Hunger for sweet blood,
death is on their mind.
This den of evil,
holy ground of sins.
They'll decide your fate,
for freedom, now is to late.

You've been warned but did not listen,
now you must pay for your sins.

Mortal way is gone,
undead walk the land.
Undefeated got defeated,
evil has prevailed.
Masters of their kind,
will never set you free,
their den of evil,
shall rise and destroy.

Serve your master, do not question.
They now own your mind and soul.


What is this place,
what is this madness?
Where do I go,
what do I do?
Trapped down in this Hell
must find the Heaven.
Can´t you save me,
can´t you help me?
Show me the way out,
please, set me free.
I don't see the light,
now I am lost.
Leave me be,
save your self,
no way up,
I will rot.


Undead arise,
about to take control.
Rush in with pride,
we`ll take them one by one.
This demonic presence
must be swept at once.
I'll crush their holy cross,
bury their evil spirits.

Now it's time to rise and wake up,
no more lies and mass destruction.

I'm in control,
evil fades away.
This quest is done,
they're dead and gone.
No more fear,
beast has been slain.
Saved from the horror
of their Christian way.

Free your mind and free your spirit,
crush their lies and make them stop.



from Rise from the Ashes of Terror, released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Bronza Zagreb, Croatia

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